About us

Blonde hair, also known as fair hair, results from reduced eumelanin pigment. While it comes in multiple hues, it will always display a yellowish color. This color can range from pale blonde to strawberry or sandy blonde. It is mostly found in women that live in Northern Europe, and is believed by some to be an evolutionary adapation to North Europe's lower sunlight levels.
In Western society, blonde hair is strongly associated with feminine beauty. The Greek goddess Aphrodite is said to have been blonde, as was Sif, the Norse Earth goddess. In ancient Rome and Greece, many ladies of the night who were not natural blondes dyed their hair using saffron as they believed it would attract more customers. This practice continues today, although many clients prefer escorts that have natural blonde hair.
Our agency was designed for men who seek out these types of women. All of our ladies were born in Europe and are available for international travel. They are well versed in the art of love making, speak multiple languages, and will cater to your every need, desire, fetish and fantasy. Contact us to arrange an appointment.